Sunday, December 7, 2008

a trip to Santa Clara

This past weekend, I spent some time in Santa Clara with Jeana. On Saturday morning, as we traditionally do, we attended the farmer's market near Santa Clara University. Jeana, Sam, and I first decided to buy all the fruits and vegetables that we needed to buy. The first stand we went through had this at it...
Can Anyone guess what it is?

Hint: you can peel and eat it.

At the same stand we found this little beauty....Which presumably is a type of cauliflower. So great.

After shopping we sat down to eat our Naan wraps. Mine was a mixed vegetable wrap (white rice, mixed vegetables and Naan). The picture was taken a little too close, but it tasted much better than it looks!

Jeana had a garbonzo bean Naan wrap, and clearly enjoyed it!
Sam, although by far the most diehard Naan wrap eater, was a little unsure about being on a blog.

1 comment:

Jeana said...

megan. i didn't think you were serious about the following things:
1) that you actually had a food blog.
2) that you actually utilized the food blog.
3) that would post such a disturbing and unrepresentative picture of me and the naan. we all know i would do anything for a chic naan wrap.
anyways. jeana and i are sitting here. we say hi.