Sunday, November 23, 2008

OK! LAST of the old stuff...but this one is probably one of the first cakes I ever did for someone (pre-bakery-job)

It's a Chocolate-Peanut-Butter "Mousse" cake

I used the Wilton Ball pan(s) for the snout and just cut out the other piece from a sheet-style cake. It is chocolate cake with ganache and a peanut-butter mousse filling. The filling is made from whipped cream and peanut butter. VERY SIMPLE

Friday, November 21, 2008

MORE OLD CAKES...THIS WAS 4 YEARS AGO! Still a cute feminist cake : )

Below is a cake I did for my friend Jeana's birthday. As a srong feminist vegan, the cake is white vegan cake on the inside, with PastryPride frosting, and raspberry jam filling. We also did naughty kisses cookies. Frosted again with PastryPride (no butter or eggs for the vegan!) Also because of how many people were coming, the table was not big enough so we utilized the large floor space and had an indoor picnic

This summer I did a wedding cake for my cousin. The birthday cake was a test cake for this one's filling (Almond white cake with raspberry) There were some heat issues with the chocolate fondant...As it was in Willow Creek and about 104 degrees at 4pm when it was served. The cake was sweating really bad, but it seemed to come out ok.
This was a birthday cake I did. White cake with a pinacolada mousse filling and italian buttercream on the outside. The grass is fresh coconut died green. Getting coconut out of it's shell is killer! I would recommend the baking method: crack the nut, bake the pieces and then the shell usually pops off with a little help. I would Google more technical directions...but it works! The birthday girl, loves cows so I made little cows for the top. My friend Jeana was helping so she made the cute, little flowers!
This was a cake I did for my former bosses son. He had a pirate birthday so we did a pirate cake!

Past Work

Here is some past work I've done.
This was a cake I did for my cousin. Her daughter was having a first birthday and the theme was Lady bugs. I'm not gonna lie, much of this cake came from ideas/images I found on Google and Flickr. So thank you anyone who posted something similar!

I also did a separate cake for the birthday girl so that she could do the face-in-the-cake...which worked perfect!
The cake inside was white cake with raspberry mousse. The outside was PastryPride...NEVER AGAIN. PastryPride bleeds SO bad. I only reccomend it if you have a dietary-needs person...

Here are some additional shots from the party/cakes

Too Bad we are not all 1! Cake just looks so much tastier when worn like lipstick...

First Blog!

So after spending hours of my time scrolling and scrolling over hundreds of blogs I finally decided to start my own!
A little about myself: I am a student at Sonoma State University. Around the age of 15 I decided to be a pastry chef...but as most people do I changed my mind again and again. Now six years later I am in my last year as a Women's and Gender Studies major. As I am about to finish my degree I never more wished to have stuck with pastry school than now.
I love to bake and cook. I worked in a local bakery in high school and now do bake and cater for family and friends.