Thursday, December 4, 2008

Baked Alaska

Baked Alaska!
Jeana and I found a recipe on the internet for the bottom cake layer...which we won't discuss how that went...jeana... ; ) haha. All in all this was a fun recipe. I would like to make it again without interuptions. Either way it was deliscious. To save time (as this was about 9:30pm) we used store bought ice cream, this is a fancy looking yet VERY easy late night dessert
We piped the meringue with a pastry bag, and then torched it with a mini-kitchen torch.

This was all it took to make the I love a quick egg based cake!
All in all this was a great looking dessert for how easy it was (with our little cheat)....


Shaheen said...

Hey, this looks beautiful. I've never tried Baked Alaska before.

Anonymous said...

I was told I should give Baked Alaska a try from a friend of mine. It looks...interesting, but I'm sure it's yummy, what with ice cream isn't!