Saturday, December 20, 2008

Lemon Night

SO the other night, Jeana and I were asked to use some of the lemons off her parent's beautiful lemon tree. Everything grown in their garden is perfect, organic, and delicious, so there is a real honor in being asked to use something from the garden.
Although, I will add the recipes later, we decided to make a lemon tart and a Ohio Lemon pie.
LESSON TO LEARN: patience. Ohio lemon pie filling has to sit for at least 8 hours and up to 36!!! Plan ahead. I believe that it would be worth it if you take the time to let it "macerate" that term all you cooks! I had no idea what that meant, until this recipe. Now I want to macerate EVERYTHING!

As we were cooking, we enjoyed a nice Hefe Weisse beer. Delicious with lemon. Although this is not an especially nice brand of beer at midnight when we hit up safeway for everything we forgot to buy earlier it was a nobrainer beer.
THis was our pie crust. This recipe will also be posted later and is well worth it. This is just one pic of the pie, at the stage of adding the butter and crisco into the dry ingredients


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