Thursday, December 18, 2008

Never Trust A Recipe That Sounds Funny

So Jeana and I have been doing some cooking lately...The only problem is we attempted a new recipe that neither of us knew anything about. Now, we have both been baking long enough to know when something is up and we have both DEFINITELY baked sugar cookies before. So when this recipe began with "Step 1. Combine first 8 ingredients, mix until combined" we were a little hesitant. Low and behold, we had good reason. Knowing that the sugar and butter are supposed to be creamed first, this recipe seemed a little suspicious. In the end the cookies tasted iffy, ok at best.  LESSON TO BE LEARNED: Don't trust a recipe for sugar cookies that does not tell you to cream butter and sugar first... 
Here are some pics of us baking and of the cookies: 
Remember when rolling out the dough to not let it have big cracks in the side. If for no other reason, you can fit more cookie cutters per batch :-) 

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