Friday, November 21, 2008

Past Work

Here is some past work I've done.
This was a cake I did for my cousin. Her daughter was having a first birthday and the theme was Lady bugs. I'm not gonna lie, much of this cake came from ideas/images I found on Google and Flickr. So thank you anyone who posted something similar!

I also did a separate cake for the birthday girl so that she could do the face-in-the-cake...which worked perfect!
The cake inside was white cake with raspberry mousse. The outside was PastryPride...NEVER AGAIN. PastryPride bleeds SO bad. I only reccomend it if you have a dietary-needs person...

Here are some additional shots from the party/cakes

Too Bad we are not all 1! Cake just looks so much tastier when worn like lipstick...

1 comment:

Patrick said...

Megan - your cakes are so impressive.

You are a wonder woman of sorts! :)

Algernon's birthday is coming up. Can you make a teddy bear cake??